Many years back I had the challenging job of rebranding a small, Yorkshire-based consultancy – Pracsys, into a brand that punched above its weight.  It became Boxwood, now owned by KPMG.  From fly weight to heavy weight. From gentle sparrers to knockout kings….

During that time I launched a magazine for our clients.  One of the contributors to our first edition was Carmel McConnell MBE who, at the time, was releasing her debut book: Change Activist. She told us about a charity she was setting up – Magic Breakfast – with the purpose of ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools.

Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day, too hungry or malnourished to learn.  A hungry child cannot concentrate and so misses out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat.  Our brains need sugar.  And yes, we can trick the brain by gargling sugared water, but that’s not a sustainable solution.



Seventeen years on I am publishing my first book.  I wanted to share something that had revolutionised my world and which had helped me, and many clients, to be more effective at work.  And so Utter Confidence was born.  At a point, just before its arrival I remembered Magic Breakfast.

I love books and I love learning.  So why not combine the two? I can write and support other people – young children – to learn in the process.

That’s why this business is linking up with Magic Breakfast.  With every book sale we’ll be providing five children with breakfast.  Feeding hungry tummies.  Feeding hungry minds.  Now that’s magic.


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