….and, as Nina Simone would sing: “I’m feeling good.”  Not a sense of smugness but rather a sense of pride in my new branding. It’s been a “long time coming” (ref. Bruce Springsteen and Sam Cooke) and the credit must go to the designers, ALLGOOD.

Reflecting on the experience I realised there was much to admire about the way they embraced the commission.  They were at pains to understand my story, to get under the skin of what I’ve done, who I’ve worked with, what matters to me – to capture the “essence” (Lucinda Williams).  It reminded me of the consulting process:  Listen, Think, Consult, Act. I have spent many hours working with consultants young and old, helping them to hone their skills.  But there was a noticeably different dimension to this engagement.

I’d characterise the difference in three words: accessibility, humility and patience.

Accessibility: being approachable

Humility: no ego

Patience (Take That): not rushing in pursuit of the dollar.

It’s rare to find that combination of qualities and when you do it resonates.

At times they were “under pressure” and they had to make “changes” but ultimately they are my “heroes” (as if I have to tell you…David Bowie).  And their design has done me proud.

By the way, I’m often heard to pick up a song lyric from a phrase and to start singing.  Maybe you’ve done that too.  All those endorphins you’ve released will help to brighten your new day.


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  • Chris Lee says:

    Couldn’t agree more – a great team. ALLGOOD have been fantastic in creating a new brand that truly refelects us. The wrap-around for me was also trust. We very quickly trusted them, as individuals, and trusted their counsel and their proposal.

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